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About Us

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A fitness revolution

Through our unique, safe, smart and effective workout programs, we combine the best of all worlds. While bodybuilding may be an extremist approach to strength training and marathon training may be endurance oriented, Action Fit 9 believes in the principle of STRENGTH ENDURANCE. We focus on developing strength, endurance, and mobility – all at once.

Our workouts are fun, smart, challenging and progressive. From a zero equipment mobility oriented workout (FIT MOB) to a Calisthenics oriented muscle gaining workout (Bodyweight Beast), to boxing, kettlebell training and dumbell training (Livestrong & Combat Fat), we have it all.

It is possible to achieve a strong, resilient and powerful physique by performing short and performance based workouts. Through Action Fit 9 workouts, you will train your body in multiple functional movements in the most dynamic way and activate each muscle group to perform at its optimal level. Our training is not linear, it is dynamic in nature.

vision & mission


Action Fit 9, through its new age fitness programs aims to teach individuals how to move more efficiently and functionally. MOVEMENT is the essence of life. The human body is designed to move. The basic function of the muscle is movement.

We aim for every individual to be able to enjoy a fit lifestyle without being confined to a gym. Don’t be a slave to machines, your body is the most sophisticated machine. Break free of your limitations and experience the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT through MMA = Mixed Martial Arts = Maximum Muscle Activation.

about the strength coach

Amit Panjwani

About the man behind it all: Amit Panjwani – Celebrity Trainer, MMA, Strength Training & Conditioning Coach.

Amit Panjwani has been in the fitness industry for almost a decade and has a sports & combat sports background of almost 20 years. He is a certified Fitness Professional, Kettlebell instructor, Spinning instructor, and has trained in Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Hapkido, and Panantukan. He is also a basketball enthusiast and a professionally trained dancer.

He trains his clients to be functionally fit and incorporates an element of athleticism in his fun and heart racing workouts. He aims to empower individuals with the best training methodologies for a fit lifestyle.

about our fitness studio

Fitness drive

Fitness Drive is India’s premier Strength & Conditioning training studio. Strength Coach Amit Panjwani, who wanted to give fitness an exciting, invigorating and athletic dimension and break that typical mindset of a gym being just about lifting heavy weights and doing cardio, founded ‘Fitness Drive’ in 2012. The premises have an energetic and vibrant atmosphere with a sporty dimension. You’ll see everything from a basketball hoop, to heavy punching bags, to pull-up bars and even trampolines at Fitness Drive! It was born out of Amit’s passion for fitness & desire to take his experience and expertise to a limitless pool of energy.

Photo gallery

One of the best places to workout. Coach Amit has really great knowledge about fitness. The Equipments are amazing and so is the studio! The Workout is also Intense and trains out all the parts of the body.

Keval Shah

The most fun, heart racing workouts! Strength Coach Amit Panjwani is phenomenal! Highly recommended for everyone who is looking for unconventional workouts with an expert. Functional Fitness at its best!


My session at Fitness Drive was really amazing. It was the first time I was doing Calisthenics and Boxing training, the head coach Amit took this into consideration and planned a proper workout for me.

Rohan Gupta

An amazing space with the best coach ever! Amit is super focused on you and your goals. Attention is given to every Little detail to maximise results and minimise injury. It's amazing how many different ways you can target the same muscle without repeating an exercise! I am learning how to train, strengthen and defend myself.

Pamela Yolmo

Vicks and I have been working with Strength Coach AMIT of Fitness Drive for 2 months now and have seen amazing results in that time. Post 2 Knee surgeries and yo yoing between 10 kgs (P-s Thanks to Yummy Levo Food... Slurrp!) Weightloss was like a long lost dream, but thanks to him ,we have never felt stronger or healthier . Amit is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session.