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Action Fit 9 is the beginning of a functional fitness revolution. Anyone who is pressed for time can build strength, endurance, mobility and burn fat by dedicating as little as 24 minutes in 24 hours.

AF9 solves a universal problem where people can’t find the time to workout or head to the gym or involve themselves in any kind of physical activity. It eliminates all excuses and puts your health and happiness on the top of your priority list. It’s path-breaking and is a major breakthrough in the fitness industry. If one follows this routine, the body will adapt to a stronger, more resilient, more active and an anti-aging life.

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This is a four-phase workout without the use of any equipment that incorporates the best calisthenics movements from the Mixed Martial Arts World. It aims to enhance strength, mobility, balance, flexibility and endurance. You will develop the speed, agility, quickness and the strength endurance of an MMA fighter.


The Live Strong workout builds a strong foundation of functional strength. With simple but highly effective dumbbell, kettlebell and calisthenic (bodyweight) exercises, one can develop a strong, resilient, flexible and powerful anti-aging physique.

Combat Fat

This is a workout designed to burn fat using the most effective dumbbell, kettlebell and bodyweight exercises. Boxing is the smartest, safest and most effective low impact combat sport that enables you to burn fat at an accelerated pace. This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout will improve your lung capacity, raise your endurance threshold and enhance your speed.

Bodyweight Beast

The Bodyweight Beast workout is designed to sculpt your body and build muscle mass in a progressive manner using calisthenics exercises. Even if you cannot perform the most elementary callisthenic (bodyweight) exercises, you will learn how to perform a basic pull-up, push-up and parallel bar dip and progress to the most challenging variations. You will develop the strength, mobility and power of the lower body with exercises from the MMA world

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