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The Action Fit 9 team conducts Fitness Workshops and seminars at corporations, schools, colleges, and fitness studios.

– The workshops last 60-90 minutes and are designed along the lines of Boxing, Kickboxing, Calisthenics, Kettlebell conditioning, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Functional Strength.

– Our motive is to educate individuals and corporations with the smartest and the most efficient physical fitness training methods.

– The movements taught are inspired by the Mixed Martial Arts and Strength Training & Conditioning world.

– Health Benefits: Enhanced health and fitness levels, improved sleeping patterns, anti-aging, reduced risk of coronary heart diseases, back pain, depression, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.

– Benefits for corporate professionals and students: Helps manage stress levels (Endorphins released while exercising are anti-stress agents), enhanced, 20 % energy boost in fatigue levels, improved goal setting, improved memory and self-confidence, increased employee productivity, enhanced endurance levels, builds persistence, motivation, teamwork, assertiveness; Neuromuscular efficiency enhances mental stimulation, decision making, and competency levels.

– The Action Fit 9 workshops are Technique Focused: Posture, Stance, Core Activation, Target Muscles, Full Range of Motion, Intra-abdominal Breathing, Boxing movements

Our 2 part training methodology includes:
I) Group Workshops conducted by an experienced Strength Coach
II) Progressive and goal oriented workouts that can be accessed from a mobile application

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We lay a strong foundation of functional strength. Simple, basic, effective and smart exercises that help build muscle, burn fat, enhance speed, agility, quickness, and endurance. It’s important to get into shape but at the same time build strength with mobility. With the Action fit 9 workouts, you will boost your metabolism, reduce body fat, build strength, improve your posture, raise your cardio respiratory threshold and improve your VO2 max and transform into a lean, athletic, agile and explosive warrior. Our workouts help you build a relentless, resilient and never say die mindset of a true warrior.

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